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PS3 Jailbreak Modchips Banned in Australia


PlayStation 3

Australia’s Federal Court has ruled that the new PS3 Jailbreak mochips are to be banned from Australia. This comes despite the fact that a 2005 Supreme Court ruling stated that video game console modchips were legal under Australian law.

Earlier this week, the Federal Court blocked the importation and sale of the new PS3 mod chips. This injunction lasted until August 31st, and yesterday, the Federal Court made it permanent.

All PS Jailbreak brand devices are to be handed over to the courts. However, this ban is strictly to that brand of devices. If you have an alternative method of jailbreaking your PlayStation 3, then you can continue on as if nothing were happening. It was hopped by retailers that this ban would be extended across all modchips, but this is not the case.

This is the second time an Australian court has moved on the sale of a console modification device, following their decision to half sales of R4 cartridges for the Nintendo DS.

Personally, I do not believe this court ruling will have much of a dent in the hacking community. If this is anything like the DS hacking scene, another manufacturer will come up with a popular means of hacking the hardware, which will still leave the hacking community bustling with life. For the DS, the R4 may have been banned, but there are still countless alternatives, such as the AceKard cartridge.

The PlayStation 3 has had a good fight with hackers, keeping them at bay for quite a while. But now that there is a means of hacking the system that is widely known, I think the hackers will be the ones whom end up triumphant regardless of what courts may rule. Besides, you cannot accomplish much by only banning one modchip brand in Australia anyway.