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How to get Free Rixty PrePaid Game Card Codes

Rixty Game Card

Rixty Game Card

It’s time to dust off this blog after a very long time. I’m going to tell you how you can earn free Rixty game card codes online, without much effort. A lot of people use this method to earn “beermoney”, and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what that is.

First off, you need to understand what Rixty is. Rixty is an alternative payment system that is accepted by thousands of online games. This allows you to pay for premium items and subscriptions without having to use your credit card information. This makes the transaction painless and much safer. You have to visit their official website for a list of every game that accepts them.

To earn your free Rixty codes, you need to join a rewards website. A rewards website will reward you for doing surveys, watching videos, listening to music, completing tasks, and more. Why would they pay you for doing such simple things? Your activity helps companies understand their products; it’s called market research. When you answer a survey, you’re giving them insight on what people think about their product, service, or video. The reward website will give you cash and gift cards for answering these surveys.

It’s important to join the rewards website with real information. Firstly, when you have to make sure that the code is sent to the right email. If you join with a fake email, any rewards you receive will be sent to that fake email. Secondly, it’s against the Terms of Service to signup with fake information, and when caught, you risk being banned and losing your opportunity to earn the free Rixty game card. They don’t ask for personal account information, but they do want to know about you. This helps them give you exclusive surveys and more earning opportunities.

A Rixty prepaid game card will cost 1,000 points on the rewards website. When you signup, you will receive around 30 points just for answering questions about yourself. You can earn 1,000 pretty quickly if you dedicate yourself to it. But I’d recommend doing a couple of surveys every day, so you don’t burn yourself out. Depending on what country you are from, there are literally hundreds of offers you can do, which means you can potentially earn hundreds of dollars. Depends on how patient you are with doing surveys.

One thing to understand is that surveys will not always give you credit. This depends both on you and on the company that offers the survey. You need to answer these questions truthfully and give them valid information. If the company figures out that you’re lying about something, or giving invalid information, you will not receive credit for the survey. In that case, your time was wasted. To earn the Rixty prepaid code as quickly as possible, you should use truthful information wherever needed. Saves you trouble, and prevents you from getting banned from the rewards website.

After earning 1,000 points on the rewards website, visit the rewards section. You can request PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, and more. But you’re there for the free Rixty prepaid game card code. So visit the Rixty game card page, and request a code. If you signed up to the rewards website with a valid email address, then you’ll receive your code within 3 days.

After you receive your code, you simply have to visit the website that you want to redeem it at. Each website may have different requirements for redeeming a Rixty game card code. Usually you can find this option under PayByCash option. Visit the official Rixty website for a full list of games that support Rixty as a payment option.