Dragon Age Origins – Ultimate Edition Includes Awakening and Full DLC

Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age Origins – Ultimate Edition has not been officially confirmed by EA, despite being listed by GameStop and being rated by Austrailia’s OFLC. However, the British Board of Film Classification listed what is to be expected in this upcoming re-release.

This will serve as a proper incentive to drive people towards purchasing the game. This game sold for an amazing price tag to begin with, considering how much content and entertainment it provides. The fact that they are bundling the many DLC titles released and the standalone expansion with the original game at a speculated $60 is pretty amazing. If it does turn out to be that price tag, gamers will be receiving quite the deal.

The components consist of the original game, the Awakening, and all of the previous DLC releases:

  • Dragon Age: Origins (the original game)
  • Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening (standalone expansion)
  • “The Darkspawn Chronicles” (DLC)
  • “Feastday Combo Pack” (DLC)
  • “The Golems of Amgarrak” (DLC)
  • “Leliana’s Song” (DLC)
  • “Return to Ostagar” (DLC)
  • “The Stone Prisoner” (lDLC)
  • “Warden’s Keep” (DLC)
  • “Witch Hunt” (DLC)

The GameStop listing has been removed, but it originally had Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition listed with a $60 price tag and an October 12th release date. However, no price or release information were revealed by the BBFC listing, so more details regarding this upcoming re-release will come when EA officially confirms the title.

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