Vanquish Xbox Live Demo Review



PlatinumGames released their latest action-shooter, Vanquish, onto the Xbox Live marketplace for potential fans to sample. Here is a review on what this demo appears to imply about this intense game.

First off, the game is clearly visually pleasing. The amount of detail in your armor and in the environments is astonishing. This game is very polished and the style is very distinct. You will already see, from a mere 3 minutes of playing, that the bloom effects you experience, coupled with the lighting, will make this game a very visually intensive and entertaining, in that aspect at least. The voice acting, however, is dreadful. Just go watch the official trailer to the game and listen for yourself. The dialog is poorly written and they could have really put more effort in better voice acting. But then again, this game is not trying to use its story and voice acting as its selling point. The clear goal of Vanquish is to keep you in a state of pure chaos and havoc, which it certainly does well.

This game is very fast paced and filled with in your face action. Within 10 seconds of the demo, you enter a battle-zone where you have two enemies shooting your way already. You are able to do hand to hand combat, which is capable enough to dispatch of almost any like-sized enemy, very fluently. You can also toss grenades across long distances, in a stylistic manner might I add. You also have the general features to be expected of a third person shooter, such as a minimal zoom in for further accuracy, being able to swap for a gun dropped by a downed enemy, etc.


Vanquish Gameplay

The game got very old really quickly for me. The enemies die in a flashy and explosive fashion, but the shooting is very bland. The game plays as if it is meant to be more of a visually pleasing experience rather than an immersive one. You are able to use walls and objects for cover, but you are not able to blind fire, which is fairly disappointing that they left that simple feature out. You can high-jack some of the machines that you will see attacking you, which offers a bit more entertainment. The enemies complete their basic requirements fairly I suppose, simply shooting and ducking. The A.I. seems to be lack luster, judging by how the enemies make no real initiative to kill you and will often stay in the same spot, spraying in your direction.

The demo is fairly short, but it does give enough content for one to be able to judge whether or not they will be impressed by this game. Personally, this game was very lack luster and seemed to cater only to those whom like an extremely chaotic and fast paced third person shooting game. This game reminds me of a sort of 3D Contra. You are constantly being shot at from almost all directions, especially in some of the more intense levels that have been previewed in Vanquish. However, the issue I have with this game is that it does not offer anything new to the genre. There are no distinguishing features that I can find that would warrant purchasing this game over a game like Halo: Reach.

Vanquish is a hate it or love it game. PlatinumGames, the same team that developed Bayonetta, did a good job on the visual appeal of this game, but, judging from the Xbox Live demo, the features are lacking.

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