Project Sword: Epic Games’ First Unreal Engine iPhone Game

Project Sword

Project Sword

Epic Games, the creators of the Gears of War and Unreal Tournament series, will be bringing the Unreal Engine to the Apple iPhone later this year via Project Sword, a multiplayer, sword-based, combat game.

Mike Capps and Donald Mustard, of Epic Games, showed off this first- and third-person sword-play game at Apple’s event in San Francisco this morning, depicting how players can meet up in multiplayer sessions due to the iPhone’s upcoming Game Center matchmaking service.

Project Sword will be bringing, possibly, the best graphics that an iPhone game has to offer. Muster and Capps actually demonstrated a battle with each other in this slashing game. The game looked sharp and the attention to graphical detail was fairly impressive. This game will most likely be strictly played via slashing motions made on your screen. The achievements feature of Game Center was also shown, as notifications popped up as these two Epic developers battled.

If anyone is capable of creating a proper competitive multiplayer game for the iPhone, it would be Epic Games. Many fans, however, are expressing doubt on the feasibility of this game due to the iPhone’s notoriously horrendous game controls. It would make sense for Epic to attempt a sword-based combat game, though, playing to the strengths of what the iPhone has to offer. If anything, this game will be a proper depiction of how effective the Unreal Engine can be on the Apple iPhone.

Project Sword is slated for release on the iPhone this holiday season and a free demo is available via iTunes.

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